CharMYcard; a teeny-weenie Charlie Card

What? The CharMYcard is a teeny-weenie Charlie Card (Boston's stored-value RFID train pass), that can hang from your mobile phone, bracelet, watch strap, necklace, earring, belly button ring, or nose ring. Wherever, really. So much easier to use then the old Charlie Card!

Buy it for $7 (for the card; cards come with $5 preloaded for you to use, so the total is $12 plus shipping).

Why did you make this?

In the words of Catbert: "Because I can."

Ok, but really?

The other reason is not everyone keeps their Charlie card in their wallet. You know who you are. It is a pain to remove it from a gym bag and then touch it to the sensor on the turnstile, especially when the train is already on the platform and you know that you're probably going to miss it.  Aaaarrrgggh!

Now, most people have their mobile phones quite handy. Especially the Germans, who call the phone itself a "handy." No, they don't say "phony" when they really mean handy. Har, har. Saw that coming a mile off.

Anyhow, the CharMYcard can be hooked onto anything that makes it a bit handier.

We'll be giving out some dummy samples at the Mass DOT MBTA hackathon (Jan 2010). If you want a charMYcard, email us at The charMY costs $7, plus $5 is loaded on the card, for a total of $12, plus shipping. One whole dollar of the seven bucks will be given to relief efforts in Haiti.

Email us now!