For rental apartments in the Boston area:

Extreme Emergency? Call 911 (Police, Fire, Ambulance).

Smell gas? Gas leak? In Cambridge, callĀ  NStar Gas (800-592-2000) or in Boston, Keyspan/National Grid Gas (800-233-5325).

Other emergency or urgent issue? Call Tony at 617-413-9330, for heating, electrical, frozen pipes, leaks, and other issues. If this turns out to be non-emergency work, there is a $100 fee per incident.

Maintenance/repair issue? Please use the maintenance form for fastest service.

Everything else. Contact us by using the form below, or by sending an email, a fax, or leaving a voicemail message. The current international mobile phone number (if any) will be shown below. An international contact number, if any, will be listed below. You will, typically, be able to call or text that number. Please note that by calling or texting an international number, you may incur an additional charge from your phone company. Calling from mobile phones is usually expensive. Charges for calls made from landlines to European or Indian mobile phones may vary from $0.10 to $0.15 per minute. [email]
+1-617-401-RENT (7368) [leave a message]
+1-408-692-2376 [fax]
<none> [international mobile phone]

For any non-maintenance or repair related issue, please use the form below to send a message.

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