Fast, cheap, Efficient Property Management. 

Free up your time: do what you want to, not what you have to do.

No paper, ever
Automate rent payments
Automate advertising & showings
Find and retain good tenants easily
Faster response to tenant issues
Online leases & contracts (no paper)
Automatic problem handling, escalation
Snail mail to your email
Voicemail transcriptions to your email
A leaner, meaner business

This is the system we use to save ourselves almost a month of work every year! Use eLandlord, a tested process, to leverage the internet, advanced technologies and outsourcing to save time & money, get better clients and retain them and get word-of-mouth referrals (up to 50%, sometimes)

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You can go as fast or as slow as you like in upgrading your processes. It will take some work to get things changed and it will take a bit longer to see the benefits. Believe in it, it will work wonders for your business. There are many pieces here that will save you time and money, each of which can be implemented at your pace.

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 for a free consultation on how to streamline your property management.

  • Automated Advertising & Showings.
    • Advertise online quickly and easily on many sites. Most importantly, use Craigslist (DWARFS all the rest), but don't waste a lot of time messing with it, modifying your ads, etc.
    • Online showing bookings. Book showings online. Scheduling showings is a huge time-waster. You can save half an hour per prospect. Escape now!
    • Outsource showings. We help you outsource your showings, Cheap. Don't go around showing apartments all day, we'll help you get cheap, reliable people in your area to do it for you.
    • Homepage for your business and a page for EACH property or apartment, or even room!
    • Reports on how often ads are viewed. Did you know that lunchtime is the best time to post ads? People read ads when eating lunch at their desks. Or that Tuesday is one of the best days to advertise in Boston? You can just advertise on Tuesday and Wednesday and forget all the other days! What else don't you know, that is preventing you from being more efficient?
    • Review Qualified responses. Get qualified responses only.
    • No scammers. Block unwanted spam from scammers (Nigerian scam et al). Many people can't spot the difference between a scammer and a legitimate query from a tenant. We see this all the time and filter out the scammers (as best as possible).
  • Dashboard
    • Quick view of current status. See what's coming up for rent, when. See how much you are owed. How much you need to pay for your mortgages.  How many showings scheduled. Reminders and alerts for paying mortgages, property inspections, insurance & tax payments, etc.
  • Tenants, Operations, Leases
    • Online leases, no paper! One of the best loved features is the electronic lease. No paper, no fuss. Leases are signed via email (no signature image needed!) and taken care of by our contract management system.
    • Online lease applications. Take applications online. Ok, this is a little more interesting. No paper applications. We handle the lease application online and send an email about each applicant. We recommend YES or NO answers, but the decisions are always YOURS.
    • Auto-rents! All money, no checks! For our own properties, we haven't seen a rent check in years. Neither should you. No checks to deposit. The time saved is like a 1-week vacation (48 hours saved). We automate your rent collection and tracking without the need for paper. Tenants can still pay how they wish (via ACH/EFT, check, money order, mail in payment, or deposit at the bank). We'll notify you if the rent is late.
    • Credit checks. Yawn. Everyone does them. We do it too. Nothing special here. Move on.
    • Online references. Do reference checks online via email.
    • Auto-renewal, rent increments. We take care of automatically renewing leases and incrementing the rent as per your schedule.
    • Invoices. Optional paper invoices to tenants sent automatically.
    • Automate repair & maintenance calls.Tenants call or email us, not you. You still retain full control over who does the work, what work gets done, etc.
    • Customized notices. Notices that go out when you want, one time, weekly, monthly, yearly.
    • Snail mail to your email. Get faxes, paper-based mail and your voicemail delivered to your email inbox. Travel happily. Don't worry about bad news waiting in your mailbox and that it will be too late do anything by the time you get home.
    • Voicemail transcriptions to your email. If you get a lot of voicemail messages, you could benefit from VM transcriptions: it is a lot faster to read a message than to listen to it. You know? Those long messages that go on and on and on and on.
  • Easy record keeping for taxes. Easy record keeping for Tax purposes; spend 1/4th the time you do now to prepare your 1040 Schedule E.