Maintenance & Emergencies

For maintenance, please use the form below.

Emergency? Smell gas? Gas leak? Contact NStar Gas (800-592-2000) or Keyspan/National Grid Gas (800-233-5325). Call Tony at 617-413-9330 for other emergencies & urgent issues such as heating, electrical, frozen pipes, leaks, etc. If the work isn't really an emergency, you'll be charged a $100 fee.

Emergency? Don't wait! Phone numbers below. Call our maintenance person or your gas company, depending on the situation.

Other emergency? Please contact Antonio Guccione at 617-413-9330. Emergencies include, but are not limited to: water heater or boiler (for heating apartment) not working in the winter, water leak, frozen pipes, etc. Please use common sense to decide if a problem is an emergency. If you make a call for a non-emergency, a $100 fee will be levied.

Maintenance or repair? For non-emergency work, use the form above or email us at