Design ideas

Here lie some designs and ideas, sane, insane and silly. Call (330) 227-IDEA for more info. All are in various stages, from dream to done. A more comprehensive portfolio (with pictures!) is available upon request.

0. Anti-war T-shirt. Some people found this T-shirt  offensive. 

1. Automate time billing for lawyers (and others). Imagine that your computer automatically figures out what you're working on and logs your time. You review it  at your convenience before sending the bill out. No need to log your time every 6 minutes (this is what lawyers are supposed to do). Saves your time, effort (or that of your secretary), and most importantly, focus on your client instead of breaking your concentration every few minutes. Many lawyers I've spoken to love this idea. This can also be used by accountants, consultant, pretty much everyone who does time billing and works on multiple projects or tasks.

a.     Adaptive glasses that cut down opposing traffic headlight glare. I’ve been interested in this for over 15 years. The technology is almost right for a real product. A completely workable prototype can be made for under $3000. I have a very basic prototype that works; we need to make a more robust, demonstrable one to attract further financing. Anyone interested? An investment in R&D and electronic production (plus knowledge of the latter) is required. Patent rights available.

b.     Spec scripts. I am working on treatments for two short stories/scripts. These will be ready for presentation by June 2010. The odds are that one of every 229 scripts submitted is selected. How hard is it to be that one?

c.     Providing free printer paper to companies. Subsidize printer paper for large companies that still use loads of it for internal & external use. Think law firms, financial companies, etc. Save dead trees. Live trees, I mean.

d.    Getting rid of 90% of the mice and rats in the city. Pest control in Boston and New York does one thing: provide jobs for pest control people. My solution is a new take on how cities that have low or no rodent populations do it. This can really work. It will need buy-in from the city, though. Er, councilman? Give a try?

e.     Infant Formula TurboScoop (TS) is a fast scooper for infant formula that saves parents time and the torture of repetitive tasks. Normally, up to 24 scoops a day, day after frickin' day is common. First-timer moms & dads will buy anything that shows that they’re better parents. Add this up. This would be a perfect marketing give-away for Nestle or another baby food company. We need to finish the prototype in Rhino, get a 3D model printed and show it around. With all the time saved, parents can go eco and wash cloth diapers. Best of all, TS is compatible with existing formula food packaging and requires no retooling. If you work for Similac or Nestle, call me.

f.       Gohere!gothere! a web service that lets users plan trips to certain locations that are limited by time. Think Open Houses on a fine Sunday morning. If you’re a homeowner, you know what I mean. You have read the classifieds, pick a bunch of places and figure our where to go first, where next, etc. with ghgt, you put the info into the web page – better yet – you select the places you want to go to on or, press a button and presto! You get an itinerary and a map. This actually works. I took it down as I didn’t know how and didn’t care to market it. I'm a gearhead, a techie. I built it and they didn’t come. If you are interested in resuscitating and co-developing this project (remember, it actually works!), please contact me.

g.     Architecture and interior design, photography, art. I do all of these. I’ve done the architecture & interior design for several of my apartments. I was a semi-professional photographer and still dabble in that dark art.

h.    CharMycard. A fun way to take your tap-n-go train card (Charlie Card) and put it into a mobile phone charm. Great for those who don’t use wallets often. Use your phone which is always in your pocket instead of digging out your wallet from the depths of your bag or backpack. I use it, works well. This was more of an art project, but I’ve (surprisingly) had a few people interested in buying one, and in marketing the thing itself.

i.       Golf caddy cart that follows you. There are already remote control carts over there. This is the next step in guy laziness. Let the cart follow you around. Why use your pudgy finger to press a button? Focus on your game and your fat gut!

j.       eLandlord – automate everything. eLandlord provides landlords and property managers with a huge advantage over others by making property management (leasing, rent collection, advertising, accounting, blah, blah) electronic and automated. We use this and it saves us tons of time and money. We’re working on making this into an information kit or a website to make others’ lives easier.

k.     Residual income from open source software. Trying to figure out a way to make FOSS compete with for-profit software and have it come out trumps. There are good reasons non-FOSS software is generally better. But there might be a hybrid biz model that works better.

l.       Hydrofoil sailboat with computer controlled gyroscopic stability. Like a segway for the sea. This would be great for racing, but something like this already exists... pshaw.

m.  Boomerang ball – energized by the throw (already exists), and then returns to thrower, as near as possible.

n.    Domain name squatting in some new, unexplored territory. A cheap way to squat on domain names in a totally new space. Soul scarring idea.

o.     Nosplashback Urinal. No splashes. Use plants or grass-like plastic objects to divert the splashes inwards and not outwards towards the “user.” Give ammonia, nitrogen, urea back to nature. Why waste? We’re the only animal that defecates in clean water.

p.    Simple idea to hide your key. Exchange with a neighbor who doesn't live next door. Put your key under HIS mat and he puts his key under YOUR mat. Or someone else’s MAT. Simple, yet makes it pretty hard for someone to find your hiding place. Well, now he’s going to force your door open and splinter it. Oh well, we can’t win them all.

q. Designer slingback shoes with band-aids printed on the back and around the toes. I mean, they're going to get used anyway. What about a little pocket on the shoe to hold some real band-aids? Cars come with a spare wheel in the boot, shouldn't slingbacks come with repair stuff on the boot? 


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