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  • I want to rent an apartment or room. What should I do?
    Great! Let's get started! Please read the Rental process and ask us for the application form.

  • What are the beginning and end dates of the lease?
    Leases almost always start on Sep 1 of this year and end on Aug 31 of next year. This is in keeping with Boston's numerous universities, where the school year begins in September (a lot of students come into town at that time). If there is availability, you may come in mid-year, but your lease will end on Aug 31, no earlier.

  • I have to leave earlier. May I sublet?
    If you have to leave earlier, it is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement for yourself who can take over the apartment/room. They will have to go through the same application process that you did and we have to approve of them. You cannot just find someone you think will be ok and put them in the apartment. There is a reasonable  fee per sublet or lease change that is mentioned in your lease.

  • What is auto-extension (evergreen clause)?
    The lease will auto-extend 60 days before it expires unless you provide notice that you want to move out.

  • Will the rent go up next year?
    The rental amount will go up by 5% (usually a bit less) every year to compensate for rising costs.

  • Do I have to keep the apartment clean?
    Yes, yes yes! You'll have to keep the place pretty neat and clean. Do dishes regularly and never leave food open. Leaving food around is an open invitation to rodents and pests. Mice actually carry ticks, mites, and other nasty things on them which they leave behind. Avoid the whole thing: keep your place clean.

  • I'm moving out. What should I do?
    See the Move out procedures for more info.