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Parking is easy enough in East Cambridge provided you get back in at a decent time. Even if you drive in late, parking can be found with a bit of trouble,  or just park at a metered spot closeby and move your car in the morning.

Kendall Square: Parking during Snow emergencies.

    The One Kendall Square Parking Garage (next to the Kendall Square Cinema) will usually allow you to park your car free of charge between 6pm and 7am on days when a snow emergency is declared by the City of Cambridge. To take advantage of this, please take a ticket when entering the garage and when you leave the garage, simply provide the parking attendant with a valid drivre's license showing your address. Note that if you enter the garage prior to 6pm or leave after 7am, you will only be charged the regular hourly garage rate for those periods. Any questions, call Corine Muller, General Manager, Beal Property Management at 617-252-3335. Their policies might have changed!