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Tenants must set up recurring payments via EFT/ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer). This requires an initial trip to your bank, but is automatic after that.

  • No  checks accepted. We do not accept payments by check except for your very first payment before you move in. Payments must be via EFT, or deposited at a branch, or sent by mail directly to the bank. This is far more efficient than your having to send the check or deliver it to us.

  • Due date. Your rental payment is due on or before the first (1st) of the month.

  • Set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If you have an account with Bank of America (BoA), please do the following. If you don't have a BoA account, please contact us
    • Please go to a BoA branch to set up a recurring monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer, also called ACH) to transfer the rental amount from your account to ours. This is done through their MERLIN system; BoA employees will tell you incorrectly that this can't be done. It can! For some reason, many of them just don't know it.

      Talk to a manager, they usually know a bit more. Call us first before you go in, so that we can be ready to provide phone support and talk to the BoA person that helps you. This transfer is different from the online transfer from your bank account to ours that you do yourself -- sometimes the BoA employee will try to help with doing that. That online transfer is not good enough. The reason for this is that BoA has a limit of $1,000 for the total of all transfers for a day. As you can imagine, we hit that limit pretty quickly on the 1st of the month, and we will all waste time trying the transaction again and again and again.

      Insist on EFT/ACH; accept no substitutes! Call us if you have trouble making this happen.

    • Account number. You should already have our account number information. If not, please contact us and we'll provide it to you again.

    • Transfer date. The transfer date should be the 27th of each month, e.g. Sep 27th, Oct 27th, etc. as it takes 3 days for the transfer to be made. Thus a transfer made on Sep 27 will arrive in my account on Oct 1st. Ask for 12 tranfers or whatever is the length of your lease (in months).