We help people who have ideas to get off the ground with their own companies.

You should have a product or idea that you think will do well and the commitment to make it happen. We'll help you with the brainstorming, branding, type of incorporation (or not), accounting setup, and various other terrible, terrible things that stand in the way between you and your dreamy future. We'll kick the tires and tell you what won't work. And what will.

Best of all, we work for peanuts. You pay us when you make money. You get rich, we get paid a bit. The idea is that you don't have a lot of money, so you'd rather collaborate with us now and then pay us either a percentage of your profits until you've paid us off, or you give us a stake in your company. Contact us at to get, uh, started (this writing-of-smooth-copy isn't going so well today).

Client list:
  • (opens in new window). Boston-based online venture that sells custom silver jewelry.
  • (opens in new window). a dynamic, young, London-based Design & Construction firm.

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